Dark Contagion

by Fondlecorpse

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The mutant freaks of Fondlecorpse have resurfaced with a new full lenght at long last. After re-assembling and rebuilding everything from the ground up they have delivered a new album containing 8 B-movie, mutant and creature worshipping tracks of oldschool dm brutality. Packaged in a bad ass digipack with an amazing wrap-around cover by Adam Geyer. It also contains a 12 page full color booklet with ofcourse all the lyrics and extra interior art by Anas from Mondo Borneo.

The album is released on the Gore Gnomes own label " Angry Couchpotato Hermit records " So every order from here will be sent direct from The Couchpotato HQ by the magnificent miserable bastard himself! And with any luck he might write some message or add some crap to the order. We still have no clue if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

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released June 30, 2017

All music written and arranged by : Rogga Johansson
All lyrics by : Silvester Koorevaar
Except * part done in Dark Contagion by Kam Lee
Cover Art by : Adam Geyer

Silvester "The Goregnome" on Vocals
Rogga Johansson on Guitars
Becky "Little Miss Stitch" on Bass
Will "Cyco" Greenwood on Drums

The song Mutant Chronicles is based on the awesome game Mutant Chronicles : related logos, characters, names, and distinctive likenesses thereof are trademarks or registered trademarks of Mutant Chronicles International Inc. All rights reserved and used with permission.

Check out the game at Prodos Games : www.warzonegame.com



all rights reserved


Fondlecorpse Rotterdam, Netherlands

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Track Name: Servants of the Monolith

Welcome to a world
Where hell inhabits the flesh
Perverse distortions
of the human form
Gaze upon the monolith
As it strips away your sanity
Visions of a dying world
flash before you...

Alone in the Darkness
Surrounded by whispers and death
The monolith commands
Calling those it infects - Die!!!

Your body and soul
Will fuel their ascension
Sacrificed to the false church
of flesh and bone
Convergence is coming
where you will become
one with the gods
Re-animated forms
huddled in worship before
The monolith of death!

There is no hope, no future,
no rebirth. just death
As your world crumbles
and burns all around you
Embrace your own extinction
As you face the looming end
Bow before the elder gods
In total defeat

Transmorphing and rotting
Re-arrangement of limbs
Bones crack and fuse
Into bony spears - Die!!!

Arcane energies swirl and crackle
The monolith has powered up
To its full potential
It calls forth, to gather its slaves
As it begins the process of absorption
Seething tornado of corpses and souls
Behold as a new elder god is born!

The world goes mad,
Humanity screams its final scream
A planet in turmoil and chaos
Drenched in orgies of death and gore
Turned mad by the nearing end
As everything is snuffed
Out of this existence.

The heralds bow low
Grinning with their undead smiles
Your planet is devoured
As food for the gods
Ready to transcend
As sustenance for the eldritch
A lone survivor witnesses
As the elder gods feast
Where nothing of humanity remains
All that he knew
Erased without a trace
Walking the remnants, of a dead world
Track Name: Bugstomper

Lost in hypersleep, on your way home
Hurtling through the wide expanse of space

Transmission of unknown origin
From a beacon in the outer rim
Awakened to investigate
This planet's barren desolation

Inside the derelict spacecraft
The Space Jockey slumbers, in eternal sleep
Guarding a nursery of death
A chamber filled with thousands of eggs

Attacked and Infected - Facehugger Injected
A foul Parasite - Inside you is planted

Convulse in pain
As your chest explodes
Screaming and yelling
As it emerges from its host
The Chestburster is born
From flesh and blood
Hiding in the dark
Fear now rules the ship

Pulse rifles spit out
their projectiles of death
As Colonial Marines
and Aliens go head to head

Call in the dropship!!!!

Xenomorph - Infestation
The bug hunt is on, see them spill forth
From their hive, as you gun them down

Eerie abandoned hallways
Filled with the silent screams of the dead
Descend into the bowels of the colony
A graveyard of the cocooned dead!
Track Name: Dark Contagion

Centuries ago, banished to space
Cast out into the dark eternal
Beyond the stars
he has found his place
Uncaring malevolent entity
Existing in the void of nothing
Chained in his cosmic prison
Awaiting the day
When he shall roam free
To assault the gates once more

He shall climb from the majestic void
To once again dwell among us
It's eye on the prize
The planetary sphere
That contains his paradise
In the corridor
Between the earth and the moon
Exists the axis where he dwells
There he patiently awaits to
Fulfill the Sulphuric prophecy

Amongst planets and stars
There is only nihilistic nothingness

* Geometric dimensional angle
The vertex of The Devil's Triangle
Three points of equidistant
Set points to the triad of evil

Celestial gateway convergence
The dark side of the moon now surges
An outpouring of power stream flows
As the morning star emerges

Anointed by the mark of the triangle
Touched by the dark lord
As you are baptized in guts and blood
Rituals of transference
As you fall prey to the beast
Your soul to be consumed
Your insignificant existence... is finite

Scream at the heavens to no avail
In the void there is no salvation

As you drift through
the soulless expanse
Devoid of the devine
See through its eyes
Its impending dominion
Replenishing its power
with the souls of those who despair
Track Name: Terrorvision

Launched into space
Bounced around planets
Till it finds a place to stay
Satellite dish turned to the sky
Catches the signal
And things turn awry

The alien creature gets control of the tv
Materializes itself
Wherever it wants to be
He grabs his victims
and turns 'em into goo
Devouring the liquified remains
That used to be you

Sit on the couch
Together with gramps
Flipping through channels
Trying to relax
Watching Medusa's
Midnight horrorthon
Chewing lizard tail jerky
Hypnotized by her boobies

Beamed from the boobtube
Gobbling up mom and dad
The converted mutant monster
Zapped around the apartment

Heavy metal dude
OD gets attacked
And holds up his leather
Studded wristband

Making the creature
Stop and stare
This dude's into metal!
Hell yeahhhhhhhhhh!

Big alien blob his appetite never-ending
Absorbing people left right and center
Hungry trash monster from outer space
Snacking on people, all over the place

Pluthar arrives on the scene
But his helmet gets bashed
And his head explodes violently

The hungry beast is free
To absorb all life
And mutate... endlessly

Hey big monster dude
Wanna be my friend
This space alien garbage puppy
It's such a cool pet
We all love
The tv monster
But it will all end
In a gigantic disaster!

Absorb all life
As it drives off into the night

Terror... Vision!
Track Name: Hunting Humans
(Grisly altar of human trophies)

These are the hottest days of the year
The Hunter warriors gathered
Your end is near

You will be murdered
for their sport
Worthy human targets
they are sought
Stalked and blasted
and sent into a trap
Nobody is getting out alive.
They are the predator
And you are their prey
Stalked by a being
That you cannot see
Thermal imagery
Can see where you hide
Your dead corpse
Will be stripped of its prize

We are the demons who
Make trophies of man
Ruthless spacefaring
alien warrior clan

We are the demons
Who make trophies of man
As you are added
To their trophy rack!

Break *Polishing the skulls*

Blade flashes
As you're
Awash in gore

Stare deeply
Into the demons eyes
As you scream
Just before you die

Butchered body
Hung upside down
Skinned and gutted
Blood dripping down

Spine and skull
Ripped from
Your limp corpse

Enter the gallery of horrors
Kneel before the altar of bones
As you walk around their sanctum
With flayed skin covered domes
Track Name: Into the Jaws of Leviathan

Hidden in the chasm
Far below the sea
An organism of unknown origin
They awakened the beast

Trapped in an underwater tomb
From which there is no escape
The Infected and mutated
Stalking those that are left

Genetic abberations
Absorbed human beings
Transforming into a thing
That should never be

Born from the bowels of the deep
Below the wretched seas

Dying in the embrace
Of the demon
of the depths
As you are swallowed by the ocean
Never again to be seen

Tremble in its presence
Your folly has set it free
The world will be devoured
By the monster from the deep

Leviathan is awake
Track Name: Lunar Cycle Maniac

High levels of pollution
Turned day into endless night
Smog blots out the sun
As a scream Pierces the night

The corpse that is found
Staring into nothingness
Her chest a gaping wound
Where once sat
Her beating heart
Giant mutated rats
Running amok
on the flooded streets
A sleazy grimey city
Look at the evil it breeds

Lunar cycle maniac
Insane ice-cold killer
Like some Demonic
Alien Jack the Ripper

Occult messages
Scribbled in blood
With razor sharp claws
He leaves his mark
Psychokinetic link
To the beast
As you are marked
For termination

Sensing the sounds
Of your beating heart
You feel he is near
The time for revenge is now

Feasting on human hearts
To absorb their DNA
Add to his strength and power
Their souls to take to hell!!

Somewhere below London
In labyrinthian catacombs
Down into the sewers
A grisly roadmap
Carved into flesh
Enter his domain
Disturbing his unholy ritual
That would have completed
His… Transformation
Track Name: The Mutant Chronicles

On a cold dark world
An ancient seal was broken
A darkness awoke
That lay slumbering for millennia

Dark machinery
Slowly whirls to life
The Dark Soul stirs
And humanity now dies
Deep from the burial pits
The dying scream
As they feed
The infernal war machine

Pistons rise and fall
Twitching corpses on slabs
corrupted and warped
The age of the dark symmetry has arrived

As they erect, their dark citadels
The giant spires, piercing blackened skies

Biotechnological - Abominations
Marching forth - From the Necrochambers

Blessings are given and corruption is shared
Heretic cults thrive, as they destroy man

The funeral shroud of darkness
The legions march forth
Under tattered banners
The battlefields are swarming
With the re-assembled dead
The dark legion... has ascended

Bringers of terror
And eternal night
Nightmarish beasts
Now command the night

Spawn from the charnel pits
Join the ranks of the cursed
Sick and twisted beings
Dredged from the nether-worlds
Hordes of Necromutants
Await in the dark
As the Nepharite commands
The legion attacks

Ezoghouls and Razides
Take to the field
Biogiants bellow out
Their booming cries of war

Shall al fall
Crushed underneath
The dark souls will
Trembling in trenches
Waiting for the end
Doomtroopers fight
As they have their
last stand